Cadence 10' Feeder Combo

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Cadence 10' Feeder Combo

About the CC5 10ft Feeder Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

This CC5 Feeder Fishing Rod and Reel Combo features a 10ft feeder rod that is the perfect length when fishing close range on stillwaters and rivers (up to 30m). It’s also a very popular length when using method and pellet feeders on commercials. Although the blank is slim and lightweight it has a perfect action when playing hard fighting fish. The modern progressive action with tremendous power in the butt section enables fish to be played quickly and efficiently. 10ft is also a perfect length match rod for juniors as the shorter lighter rod is easier to manage. Supplied with two carbon tips (2oz and 3oz)

About the CC5 Fishing Combo Sets

The CC5 range offers fishing combo sets that will prove extremely popular for both commercial and natural venues. They are aimed at beginners and anglers in a budget and display amazing quality and specification for the price. The rod blanks are lightweight and strong and display fantastic progressive actions that will help when casting and playing fish. The CS5 reel has a proven reliability and adds amazing value to this stunning range of match and feeder combos.

We Believe in the Future of Fishing

Start making memories today with Cadence. For every purchase of £50s or more, we will provide a child with a free fishing pole through one of our charitable partners.

Making Memories That Last a Lifetime

At Cadence, we believe in building lasting relationships through the sport of fishing. Our goal is to encourage anglers to introduce friends and loved ones to our amazing sport. Often when we ask anglers who introduced them to fishing they are overcome with joy and they immediately start telling you about that special person.