Cadence Match Fishing Reel Accessories

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Spare spools and handles for our entire range of match fishing reels at only £10

Spools are available individually for each reel. One double handle is generic and fits all of our Cadence Fishing Reels.

 Accessories Spool Capacity
CS4000 Reel Double Handle N/A
CS3000 Reel Double Handle N/A
CS10 3000 Deep Spool 125/0.31mm/10lb
CS10 3000 Shallow Spool 110m/0.22mm/4lb
CS10 4000 Deep Spool 180m/0.31mm/10lb
CS10 4000 Shallow Spool 150m/0.28mm/8lb
CS6 3000 Deep Spool 125m/0.31mm/10lb
CS6 3000 Shallow Spool 110m/0.22mm/4lb
CS6 4000 Deep Spool 180m/0.31mm/10lb
CS6 4000 Shallow Spool 150m/0.28mm/8lb
CS7 3000 Deep Spool 125m/0.31mm/10lb
CS7 3000 Shallow Spool 110m/0.22mm/4lb
CS7 4000 Deep Spool 180m/0.31mm/10lb
CS7 4000 Shallow Spool 150m/0.28mm/8lb
CS8 3000 Deep Spool 125m/0.31mm/10lb
CS8 3000 Shallow Spool 110m/0.22mm/4lb
CS8 4000 Deep Spool 180m/0.31mm/10lb
CS8 4000 Shallow Spool 150m/0.28mm/8lb