EK Archery Jaguar II Recurve Crossbow

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EK Archery Jaguar II Recurve Crossbow 175lbs.

The Jaguar II has been beautifully crafted and designed in each angle to provide a crossbow with unparalleled accuracy and power for many years to come. The crossbow is of the recurve design which offers a smooth and consistent power delivery to the bolt along the CNC machined alloy track.

The limbs are made from compressed fibreglass which has been developed over the past years to ensure a solid and reliable build quality at all times. These limbs are secured to the reinforced composite stock which deals with the stresses and strains of the firing cycle superbly. This stock is fitted with an AR compatible grip for a comfortable hold and the scope for customisation.

The trigger has an anti dry fire system installed to help prevent any dry fires occurring, to further prolong the life of the crossbow. A picatinny rail fitted to the top makes it quick and easy to secure a red dot sight / scope to it to make target acquisition even quicker fast.

Package includes:

  • Red dot sight
  • Cocking rope
  • 3-bolt quiver
  • 3 x 16" Aluminium bolts
  • String wax