Evolved Freshly Cooked GTP Spice Feed Hemp

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This is our high quality hemp and added GTP spice cooked to perfection soaked in its own juices giving maximum attraction to all fish.

This particle with the added GTP spice gives you not only hemp but within the GTP spice there is Mollasine meal, soybean meal and oyster shell. The added ingredients will add bulk to your hemp but the added ingredients are beneficial to fish, aiding palatability and giving good metabolizable energy.

This hemp and GTP spice will come prepared so no need to freeze, the preservative used to keep this hemp in fresh tip top condition is very beneficial to fish aiding with digestion and also helping to kill various bacteria that fish may have within them.

If preserved bait is still not what you want, then don’t worry, a un-preserved freezer version is also available.



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